Surtel Kablo

transmitting energy since 1964


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Who are we ?

Surtel Cable was founded in 1964 as an unlimited liability company and become a joint stock company in 1969 depending on the increasing production volume in cable market that Surtel Cable involved.

In the beginning Surtel Cable manufactured for domestic market only and since 2001 has become an exporter going into international markets in due course and has been exporting 95 % of its overall production at present. Having exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and Arabian Peninsula the company reorganized its production facilities to be able to produce in accordance with the standards of respective countries.

As a result of its specialization in cable production the company has founded a separate company under the name of Surpa Packaging that does businesses mainly in packaging and export in 1993 as well and today this company exports cables only after having changed its name as Surtel Packaging .

Since 1997 Surtel Cable has always been in theListofthe Second500TopIndustrial Companiesannounced byIstanbul Chamber of Industry as of sales volume and been in the List of Top 1000 Exporters announced by the TurkishExportersAssembly (TIM) after turning its sales direction to the international markets. Surtel Cableis the first cable manufacturer which has taken the CertificationofTurkishStandards Institution in Turkey.

Furthermore, Surtel Cable has several strengths such as IT systems and large machinary and equipment range and the ability to procure raw material and supplies to be used in production. It holds the necessary quality certificates such as TS EN ISO 9001-2008, TS-EN-ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, TS Certificates of Conformity, Licences to Use Harmonized Marking, TSEK Certification of Conformity to Criteria, GOST, Holland-KEMA that needed in the field of cables. There is an in-house laboratory conformed to ınternational quality levels, where the incoming materials and the international quality standards can be tested.

At present, Surtel Cable is totally a family owned company.


1964 Surtel Cable founded as an unlimited liability company by Muhtar Yalın and his 3 partners.

1969 Surtel Cable became a joint stock company. At that time, Head Office was at Bankalar Caddesi,
Karaköy in Istanbul and Plant was at Bomonti, Sisli in Istanbul.

1972 The land of Factory where the company operating now was bought at Sefaköy in Istanbul.

1974 The founder, Muhtar Yalın died. The plant moved to the new factory that was built at Sefakoy.

1981 Bedri Yalın bought all of the other partners’ shares. Surtel Cable became totally a family owned

1993 Surpa Packaging was founded for doing businesses mainly in custom package manufacturing and

1998 Head Office was moved to Perpa region in Istanbul. Sales switched into exporting highly.

2000 Head Office was moved to the factory building at Sefakoy in Istanbul.

2003 Surpa Packaging has become Surtel Packaging and started to operate as export oriented only.


Maximizing the customer satisfaction globally by meeting our customer’s good and service requirements; Carrying out our activities in compliance with environmental and social values;
fulfilling our responsibilities in order to increase the quality of human life;
being an establishment, directing the sector as a cable producer which is open to innovation and development!


Being a symbol of prestige, reliability, honesty and transparency with our determination and proved international brand; Being a model in the sector with our high productivity and our employees!


  • To meet customers’ demands and needs beyond their expectations in customer satisfaction principles,
  • To maximize knowledge and skills level by establishing relations based upon mutual benefits with our customers and suppliers,
  • To last our reliability and respectability by improving total performance continuously that we have gained in the current market conditions,
  • To increase our market share, quality, competitive market strength and profitability continuously by enhancing the system efficiency and productivity with the process approach in developing market conditions,
  • To manufacture goods in compliance with domestic and international standards within the framework of legal procedures,
  • To deliver a clean and a viable environment for the next generations by preventing and removing the nonconformities and by improving the productivity and by preventing the waste of natural resources,
  • To become a leader in the field of quality and respectability that we are proud of, as Surtel employees.
  • Quality policy is a mission for Surtel employees


As Surtel Kablo Sanayi A.Ş’ employees, Our most important mission is the protection ofnature andthe environment to deliver a viable environment for the next generations.

On the way to success we, as Surtel promise;

  • To improve our environmental performance continuously,
  • To abide the current environmental regulations,
  • To minimize the negative effects of our activities to the environment,
  • To optimize our natural resources,
  • To recycle our waste materials without causing harm to the environment as much as possible,
  • To select convenient technologies protecting natural life in our new investments,
  • To keep open our activities to be checked by the public opinion in protecting the environment.

In this context, we shall contribute the environmental consciousness and sensitivity to be increased,in cooperation with all of our employees, our suppliers and our customers.